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Customs duties paid by your company on international shipments imported to the United States can be substantial.

You may be entitled to a “Customs Duty Post Summary Correction and Protest.” Talk to your YAMATO representative. We will review your import history to get a better understanding of your business. If warranted, YAMATO will work with you to develop a plan for the refund of duties that you have previously overpaid.

Case Studies


Summary :

YAMATO understands the latest customs and trade regulations and how they may affect your bottom line. Leave it to us to handle your complex logistics and shipping, while also helping to save you money.

Backstory :

In April 2018, the United States Trade Representative began proposing additional import tariffs of up to 25 percent on certain Chinese imports. As a result, beginning in July 2018, the United States began implementing the 25 percent tariff on many imports from China which are commonly referred to as the Section 301 tariffs.
One of YAMATO’s customers is an importer located in Taipei, Taiwan. This particular customer works with a major manufacturer and supplier of auto parts in the USA. The products themselves are transported to the USA from China.
Beginning in September 2018, YAMATO’s customer’s products which were manufactured in China were subject to the additional duty of 10% - 25% on top of the already existing general duty rate. The Chinese manufacturer sells its products to the importer on a Delivered Duty Paid (“DDP”) basis, however many of the non-dutiable components on the relevant invoices were not deducted. As a result, the Section 301 additional China duty of 25% caused a substantial increase in the dutiable portion of the invoiced price.

Solution :

Enter YAMATO. Based on a new mathematical formula Yamato devised for its customer, the new dutiable values were declared in order to eliminate the Section 301 duties. Yamato’s duty Post Summary Correction and Protest service for the entries were then submitted to US Customs to secure refunds of the duties that have already been paid. A total of 555 Post Summary Corrections and 294 Protests were submitted by YAMATO to US Customs on behalf of its customer.

Results :

The result of YAMATO’s efforts for the customer was impressive, generating several million dollars in duty refunds through the 555 Post Summary Corrections, including interest, where each of the 294 Protests were also approved by US Customs, saving the customer millions of dollars. All of these substantial claims were filed by YAMATO between May and August 2020, nearly two years after the customer’s products entered the US.